The upcoming book about the Figments project will survey six years (2009-2014) of my daily documentation of, and experience with, visitors to Andy Warhol's grave at the St. John Byzantine Cemetery in Bethel Park, Pa. The book look at Andy through all four seasons and will illustrate how visitors think of Andy Warhol in the afterlife, the impact Andy still makes on the living, and the four Andy's that have been discovered:

  • Andy Pittsburgh: Notes written to Andy at his gravesite about knowing him when he lived in Pittsburgh, including people living near the cemetery and those who visit their family graves next to where Andy is buried. Also will include Donald Warhola's memories of "Uncle Andy" because I first met Donald at Andy's grave on the day his father, John, passed away (12.24.10)
  • Andy NYC: Visitor notes writing about how they met or knew Andy in NYC, including Ultra Violet
  • Andy Everywhere: Visitor notes and still images/transcriptions from the Figment movies of people who did not know Andy. They comment on Andy's celebrity, life, and art, as known through media and pop culture. They also ask questions and tell him of the day's events as if he is their best friend.
  • Andy Afterlife: Visitors believe Andy is a saint and act as pilgrims by writing and saying prayers, leaving religious items, and asking for special favors

The book proposal is out in the world, so wish us luck! 

Publishers, literary agents, or anyone interested in seeing the proposal, please contact us at