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Notable coverage

NPR, Morning Edition, "In Warhol's Memory, Soup Cans And Coke Bottles"

The New Yorker, Culture Desk, "Grave Sight"

The New York Times, ArtsBeat, "On Warhol's Birthday, a Live Video Feed Streams From His Grave"

BLOUIN ARTINFOInternational Edition, "EarthCam to Honor Warhol by Live Streaming His Grave, in Pop Art Style"

The Guardian, "Even in death, Andy Warhol gets his 15 minutes -- this time from a webcam"

Online Posts


"Fan of Warhol, Bowie leaves gifts, notes at Bethel Park gravesite" Tory N. Parrish, Tribune-Review (print and digital editions)

"Bowie memorialized at Warhol's Bethel Park gravesite" Harry Funk, The Almanac


"Of Art, Death and Andy Warhol" Sue, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

"The  past is never dead: A look at the tombstones of Tumblr" PAPER Magazine


"Creating a Figment: Visiting Andy Warhol's Grave" Laura Smith, HubPages

"Art from the Afterlife:  Art Chat with Madelyn Roehrig" Ashley Andrykovich and Juliet Pusateri, The Union Hall Times and Art Chat Blog


"Madelyn Visits Warhol’s Grave Daily Since ’09" Matt Gondek, Nak You Out

"Warhol gravesite notes to be published in book" Sheldon IngramWTAE Television, Pittsburgh

"On Warhol's Birthday, a Live Video Feed Streams From His Grave" Melena RyzikNY Times ArtsBeat Blog

"Even in death, Andy Warhol gets his 15 minutes -- this time from a webcam" Jason FaragoThe Guardian

"EarthCam to Honor Warhol by Live Streaming His Grave, in Pop Art Style" BLOUIN ARTINFOInternational Edition

" 'Figment' -- the Warhol Grave Cam"  Romas Astrauskas, MagMag (Magenta Foundation Magazine)

"Webcam broadcasts from Andy Warhol's Pa. grave" Kevin Begos, The Associated PressThe Tampa Tribune

"Andy Warhol museum broadcasts creepy tribute to the great pop artist with a live video feed 24/7 from his grave" Daily Mail Online, The Associated Press

"Webcam broadsts from Andy Warhol's Pa. grave" The Edge,

"Would Andy Warhol Have Approved? Live Feed Shows His Gravesite" Richard Horgan, mediabistro, FISHBOWL NY

"EarthCam To Honor Andy Warhol By Streaming His Grave, In Pop Art Style" HuffPost Arts & Culture

"Which celebrity gravesite just got a webcam?" Kevin Begos, The Associated Press, Times-Standard Digital Extras

"Grave Sight" Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker Culture Desk

"Warhol Grave Site Gets Live-Streaming Web Cam" Olivia Lammel, Pittsburgh City Paper

"Warhol gravesite has live video feed" Marina Bolotnikova, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Andy Warhol's grave site to get 24/7 streaming webcam" Alice T. Carter, Tribune-Review TribLive

"Figment - Live via satellite at Andy Warhol's grave" Roberta Fallon, Artblog

Broadcast Media


"Latest News, Webcam To Broadcast From Andy Warhol's Grave" The Associated Press: CBS Pittsburgh, Aug. 5

"Warhol's Gravesite Goes Live Online" Kevin Begos, The Associated Press: NBC TV News, Aug. 6

"Webcam broadcasting from Andy Warhol's grave: Live feed from cemetery in Bethel Park honors artist's birthday" The Associated Press: WTAE TV Pittsburgh, Aug. 6

"Museum Streaming Warhol's Gravesite Online" Heather Abraham, KDKA TV, Aug. 6

"Webcam broadcasting from Andy Warhol's grave" WTAE TV Pittsburgh YouTube, Aug. 6


"In Warhol's Memory, Soup Cans And Coke Bottles" Travis Larchuk, National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition, Aug. 6

"Conversations with Andy Warhol" Carnegie Museum of Art Blog Post, Aug. 14

Figments: Conversations with Andy, Year II, WQED Filmmakers Corner, Nov. 2011; Aug. 2012.

Figments: Conversations with Andy, Year I & Year II, & Montage, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Real to Reel Documentary Series, Aug. 16

"Birthday of Artist Warhol Marked at Grave Site" Scott Beveridge, Observer-Reporter, Aug. 7

"This month's program of local films includes the art of campaign promos, visits to Warhol's grave and youthful Jewish secret agent" Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper, Feb. 8


"Warhol fans dance at Bethel Park Grave" Kevin Kirkland, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Feb. 23

"Expanded Pittsburgh: Biennial plans exhibits in 5 sites" Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 7

Pittsburgh Biennial, The Andy Warhol Museum, September—January 2012

Fall Arts Preview/Art: Visual Delights, Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 8

Figments: Conversations with Andy: Year I & Year II (2009-11) with live music by Meeting of Important People, Dave Olson, and Uke & Tuba Band, September—January 2012

Figments: Conversations with Andy: Year I & Year II (2009-11) PittCult is now EVENTUR, Sept.

"Biennial closes with women's works" Kurt Shaw, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Nov. 20

"22 women artists deliver provocative show at The Warhol" Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 21

"The Warhol's leg of the Pittsburgh Biennial spotlights provocative work by local female artists" Nadine Wasserman, Pittsburgh City Paper, Dec. 21

Figments: Conversations with Andy, photograph credit in Palace of Culture: Andrew Carnegie's Museums and Library in Pittsburgh by Robert J. Gangewere


"Asking Andy: A local artist-educator discovers that she’s not alone in her quest to channel her inner Andy Warhol" Julie Hannon, Carnegie Magazine, Spring Issue

"Andy Warhol's grave, and its pilgrims, are the subject of a short documentary" Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper, May 6

"Warhol fans dance at Bethel Park grave" Matthew Santoni, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Aug. 7


"Hello Andy are you there? Someone wants to talk to you" Roberta Fallon, Artblog, April 2

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh's 99th annual exhibition is one for the books" Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 16

"Conversations With Andy Is Ongoing Art Project" Deborah Deasy, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Sept 19

"Conversations As Art: Madelyn Roehrig Talks with Andy Warhol" Vermont College Newsletter

'rp-shooter' Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct. 3

"Madelyn Roehrig's rp-shooter in Pittsburgh" Roberta Fallon, Artblog, Oct. 7


"Fernscape" Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper, October


"Video, mixed-media play big roles in 'Best of Pittsburgh'" Kurt Shaw, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 10

"Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh" Roberta Fallon, Artblog, June 22


"Clearview Trolley LoopMt. Lebanon Magazine, October