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See the fun-loving group that celebrated Andy's birthday in 2010. "Happy Birthday" is accompanied by the tuba, Paul LeRoy Gehres dresses as Andy, and many more antics ensue from dancing, to magic, to silly stories. Length: 5 mins. 39 secs. 

Every year on Halloween, many people come to Andy's grave to leave gifts or talk to the artist when the divide between this life and the afterlife is most permeable. In 2010, there is a flute player, a Ouija board, art made on the spot, more stories and requests for advice, and one particular individual who thinks Andy is a "hack" whose tombstone should be tinkled on. Length: 3 mins. 50 secs.

Andy Warhol ate a Burger King Whopper for the 1982 Danish film "66 Scenes from America." There isn't anything especially fascinating about the vignette, except maybe the fact that it's exactly what we expect -- Andy sitting quietly and eating a hamburger over a 4-minute period. "Ketchup" is Madelyn Roehrig's interpretation of Andy's clip, starring Anna Bender. Length: 4 mins. 7 secs.

Listen to Paul LeRoy Gehres tell Andy the Liberace ghost story that takes place in Pittsburgh on the day JFK was assassinated. Length: 1 min. 47 secs.